Sorry there haven't been any updates for 2016. I make no money doing this, and I just don't have the time to spend scouring the web to find the hundreds of different carnival locations, dates, websites, etc. and enter them all right now. Perhaps if all Michigan carnival companies wanted to start sending me their schedules directly, that would shave off a lot of the time and make it easier to do. Until then, feel free to contact me on facebook or twitter by clicking the icons above.


MichiganCarnivals.com is a site that I've put together simply so that I, myself, can see where and when carnivals are happening throughout Michigan. I'm a huge fan of carnivals, but found that there was no central location to look to find out when and where carnivals were happening near me. The only way I could find them up until that point was to accidentally drive by them. With this list that I've compiled, I can now pull it up whenever I want and find out where there's a carnival happening. If you find it useful as well, great! I'm glad to be able to help.


If you know of a carnival in Michigan that you think should be added to this site, send an email to with the dates, location, name, and a website address for the carnival.

*Please do not email with questions about these carnivals, as we are not associated with them and have no more information that that which is already posted. You can click the website links provided with each carnival listing for more info, and to find contact info for those putting on the carnivals. Also, please do not email to ask for "lists of carnivals" or anything like that. They don't exist. If something isn't already listed on this website, we have no information for you. Thank you.